Seniors: How Are They Saving Money?

A lot of seniors need money to go to college and the best option is to save money. There are different methods to achieve this goal, you can work and put some of your money in savings, you can also apply for scholarships.

A lot of students are doing the second option. “There is a scholarship that is giving money to people who are doing art in college, you have to do an art contest,” said Da Vinci senior Lev Turner. “Last year I saw the project and I was like, oh I want to do it,” she continued. Turner isn’t the only one applying for scholarships. “So far what I have been doing is scholarships, but it is kinda hard because there are a lot of people competing for that,” said Da Vinci senior Winnie Liao.
For others like senior Sarah Seyk, it was the first option: working, that allowed her to save money thanks to her job at Dutch Brothers. “I saved a lot of money by working,” she said.

Sometimes, you do not realize that in order to save money for college you need to do it for a while and not only a few months before college. “This is probably my first year budgeting,” said Seyk. “I was not really good with money before. This year I kinda realized that it was important,” she continued. “[I have been saving money] For a while now because my parents always put the pressure saying, college is gonna happen, you should probably save up,” said Liao.

Saving up money is important, so start as soon as you can. It is never too early! You should start working and save up because although scholarships are great, you are not the only one to apply for it, so you might need a backup plan. “I’ll be sad if I don’t get it, but I think I’ll be fine if I don’t get the money,” said Turner of the scholarships she’s applied for. Some parents help a little too. “My parents are helping at the beginning because I’m moving but after that I will have to do it myself.” said Seyk.

If they have any advice for you, it is that saving money is important and you should start early!

HTTC 2018: Pushing Daisies

President: Camilo Rodriguez
Vice President: Ella Gerner
Economic Advisor: Zach Aldas
Press Secretary: Carson Janke
Campaign Manager: Jocelyn Busch

Party’s three core values/issues:
climate change, health care and infrastructure

Party proposition:
“Our party’s proposition is to make a brand new amendment to the constitution that basically makes it a human right to have a clean and safe environment for everybody with every means necessary,” said President Camilo Rodriguez.

“We, the pushing daisies, believe in clean and good environment for everyone so that everyone can live happy and peaceful together. We do not believe in war and we love mother nature. Peace baby stay groovy, we love the environment, we love women respect them” said Rodriguez.

PAC’s funding the party: The Safety Pac and The New Bull Moose Pac.

The Senior Class Undergoing Some Underwater Fun

From February 27th through March second, students in the beloved Zobot class will be bussing down to SoCal to spend a couple days in the beautiful islands of Catalina.
This trip is one to look forward too all year! Chaperoned by Grima, Langone, Burke, Mike, and Uliasz, what is there not to love?
On the island the students participate in numerous physical activities and bonding experiences.”On wednesday we hike up mountain, eat dinner, and then go on a night hike and stargaze. Thursday is our morning snorkel and afternoon lab work where you get to pet and look at sea creatures. Then friday is our last day snorkel and then departure home.” Said Mr. Grima, Da Vinci’s Zobot teacher and leader on the trip.
The other main high school in Davis, DHS, also attends the Catalina trip but are kept separate from our school. In the past there have been incidents of students trying to ride wild bison and even having substances, but these incidents have never occured from our own school. “Last year we got stuck in an accident and got delayed, our school is pretty good in terms of misbehaving.” Said Grima.
Since the trip is jam packed with activities there is much to be eager for. “I’m excited for the night hike and seeing Grima in his wetsuit.” Said Camilo Rodriguez, a senior who could not attend his classes trip last year so is joining this years excursion. “The nature, hiking with friends and having great experiences with teachers.” Said senior Jenna Karoly. “Snorkeling and night hikes.” said Carson Janke, another senior. Obviously hiking would be a popularity among students, since Davis is notoriously an active and nature-bound community.
Although the trip is hyped up to be all fun and games. There is anxiety for the teachers in running the trip smoothly. “Going through luggage and making sure no one does any shenanigans, and this year we have more students so we need to keep track of two buses.” Said Grima.
He continued with some final advice for the students. “Be a responsible student, follow the instructions given by your guides, swim safely, be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the animals around you because they are not pets, participate, maintain a good attitude, try even if your uncomfortable because it is a once in a lifetime experience for many people and costs a lot of money.”
If you have any questions or concerns about Catalina then email Grima at

Dinos in the Courtroom

The Mock Trial Club added to their perfect record,
winning the verdict on another case at the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse on January 31st 2018 against Laguna Creek High School.

The Mock Trial Club, led by senior Chase Furman, offers Da Vinci students the opportunity to better understand the United States legal system as well as participate in Sacramento County trial competitions.

Students who participate in this club learn many skills including oral communication, critical thinking and courtroom etiquette. In the Da Vinci Mock Trial club’s most recent competition, they emerged victorious, beating the Laguna Creek High School team
and taking the verdict in a homicide case. These competitions are held at the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse where two teams, both composed of 12 people, fight to win based on verdict and on speaking points.

Preparing for a competition requires lots time and thinking. “Before a competition we are given a case packet and asked to build a case for both the defense and prosecution, that includes two opening statements, two sets of four witnesses and two closing arguments,” said junior Sarah Oide.

All of that planning for competitions happens during club meetings which are held Mondays in Ms. Conners’ room from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. “On an average day of club we usually run and edit our cross examinations to better them and prevent possible objections,” said junior Hadley Citron.

Club members Hadley Citron and Sarah Oide both play important roles in the success of the Da Vinci Mock Trial club, however, “Every role is important because everyone is responsible for a different aspect of the trial and competition,” said Oide. Junior Hadley Citron participates as a witness, giving testimony and answering questions during cross examination, while junior Sarah Oide participates as a clerk, keeping order during the trial, as well as swearing in witness before they give their testimony.

The Mock Trial Club hopes to remain active at Da Vinci for years to come, so student participation is key. Contact any student mentioned in this article for more information about joining the Mock Trial Club next year.