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The Dems are in the Building

On Thursday January 3, history was made in the United States government as the new, diverse freshman class was sworn in as part of the 116th Congress. The group included 42 new women and raised minority numbers to 55 African-American members, 45 Hispanic members, seventeen Asian-American members, and ten openly LGBTQ+ members. The class also… Keep Reading

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Davis Police Officer Killed During Active Shootout

A Davis police officer was shot and killed on Thursday evening while responding to a traffic accident near the areas of 5th and D Streets downtown. Officer Natalie Corona was immediately rushed to the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento where she passed. The gunman was found dead on Friday morning from a… Keep Reading

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Remembering 41

“Where we goin’, Bake?” former President George H.W. Bush asked, prompted by a visit from longtime friend and former Secretary of State, James Baker. “We’re going to heaven” Mr. Baker responded, “That’s where I want to go” Mr. Bush uttered. It was on that day, only 13 hours later, at 10:10 PM,  that President George… Keep Reading

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Secondhand Smoking?

In late November of this year, air quality in Davis reached unhealthy levels, prompting many schools to cancel classes until air quality improved. UC Davis was one of the first to close its campus due to health concerns on Tuesday November, 13th.  While DJUSD closed campuses on Thursday of that week. What are the health… Keep Reading

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The Pipe Bomb Scandal

As pipe bombs are delivered to many political leaders as well as news sources in America, Da Vinci students weigh in. Throughout the past week, October 22-26, thirteen pipe bombs were mailed to different public figures and news outlets. Luckily, all of the packages were intercepted before detonation and none of the intended recipients were… Keep Reading

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Tree of Life Shooting

On October 27th, 2018, gunman Robert Bowers took the lives of eleven congregants at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Amongst the dead were Daniel Stein, 71; Joyce Feinberg, 75; Richard Gottfried, 65; Rose Mallinger, 97; Jerry Rabinowitz, 66; brothers Cecil Rosenthal, 59, and David Rosenthal 54; husband and wife Bernice Simon, 84… Keep Reading

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Gun Violence in Our Nation

On February 14th, 2018 a gunman massacred 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. What followed this tragic incident was the beginning of a national debate we have frequently in the United States: what do we do about guns in our society? The shooting, in addition to sparking nationwide debate on… Keep Reading

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Gov. Brown Rejects Statewide Late Start Bill; Davis Dep. Superintendent Speaks Out

After narrowly passing the state senate and assembly, Governor Jerry Brown officially vetoed the hugely controversial SB-328, commonly referred to as the California Late Start Bill, on Thursday, September 20 with the notion that the issue was one better addressed at the district level as opposed to statewide. The Senate measure would have mandated that… Keep Reading

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What’s New with California’s Net Neutrality Regulations?

On Sunday, September 24, Governor of California Jerry Brown signed a comprehensive net neutrality bill, marking the return of Obama era regulations on internet providers, however the Trump administration’s Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against the bill for violating Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. As of 2015, the FCC had created regulations that… Keep Reading

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