Bro-entines Day

February can be a time of romance and togetherness and a time to celebrate with your significant other. For some though, Valentine’s day is a time to wander aimlessly around your house, eating ice cream and binging Netflix. It seems that many women have come up with an idea that makes Valentines day fun for everybody, no matter of relationship status. The idea is called Galentine’s day and is set on February 14, the day before Valentine’s day. The Basic idea is that a group of female friends get together on the 14th and have fun together, eating food, playing games and just having a good time overall. While this sounds like a great idea, but two Da Vinci Seniors, Blayne Clegg-Swan and Haadi Shaw, have an idea to spread Valentine’s spirit to everybody.

If you asked people around Da Vinci who they thought the two best guy friends were, you would probably hear the names Blayne Clegg-Swan and Haadi Shaw more than most. Both had very interesting ideas and opinions about ‘Bro-entines Day’ the male version of Galentine’s Day. “We need it to happen” said Clegg-Swan, when asked about the possibilities of an official Bro-entines Day. Shaw also chimed in saying “Bro-entines day should take up two days […] it should be a group of friends who celebrate being single […] but not as emotional as girls”. They both think it should be a holiday that all single guys should be able to celebrate. “We should have a brunch, with chocolates,” said Clegg-Swan, while Shaw nodded in agreement. If you are wondering what qualifies you to celebrate Bro-entines day, it’s pretty easy, “all you have to do is be a single guy” stated Shaw.

Whether you want to celebrate Bro-entines Day with that special friend you have or you want to celebrate it with you entire sports team, it is about time there is a holiday for single guys. While there is not attention on this holiday yet, Clegg-Swan and Shaw seem determined to make this happen, for the sake of all single men out there who feel sad on Valentine’s day.