What Will We Miss about Davis?

Within the next few months, the seniors will graduate from high school and enter the next stage of their life. Some students plan on attending colleges or taking a gap year; others plan to head straight into the workforce. While some students may travel far away, others may stay close to home. Ready to leave high school behind, one cannot help but reminisce about their life in Da Vinci and Davis.

Once the seniors graduate, they will be sent off to various colleges, from Lewis and Clark to Grinnell. Leaving Davis, these seniors cannot help but miss some of the aspects of their hometowns. Some students will miss their favorite restaurants and snacks, others will miss the sense of safety Davis has provided. Sarah Oide says she will miss the sense of community that she has found, as well as her friends and family here. Andy Knox says that he will miss the ability to walk around Davis any time at night and feel safe.

Along with leaving Davis, the senior class will be leaving our small, project based learning community.  Students will leave friends they have known since 7th grade, as well as all the teachers they have created strong bonds with. Oide and Senior Bailey Robinson-Burmester will miss their teachers, from Mr. Bell and his inspirational talks to Maestra and her unchallenged sass.  Robinson-Burmester says, “Most of all, I will miss my fellow senior classmen, many of whom I have known since 7th grade, some longer, and who have made every day at Da Vinci memorable, challenging, and fun.”

Before the seniors leave for college, make sure you say goodbye to them. Cherish the time you have left with them, and show your appreciation for their friendship.  

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