Performances in Winter Feast

One of the most memorable fixtures of Da Vinci’s Winter Feast is the student talent show. In previous years, students sang, played instruments, and even brought together bands. Among this year’s performances, we saw senior Valerie Alden’s heartfelt rap and a band of juniors take the stage with a performance of Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin.

Behind their amazing performances were hours and hours of practice. From choosing the words of her song to practicing and perfecting it, Alden explains the story behind her song, “I’m thanking Da Vinci for all they’ve done to help me three years.” Her expression in her music was to leave an impactful message. “Because I’m a senior and I’m excited and sad to be leaving the Dino family and I thought I would say thank you in a unique way.”

Seniors Sam McGlynn, Aleksei Kaufman, Alex Weinshilboum and Nico Chequain sing a rendition of ‘Mine Diamonds’ with sophomore Aaron Eckey

Speaking to her experience in the genre, Alden says, “With rap I can get out my feelings. I enjoy making music because I’ve been rapping since 9th grade . It’s fun and healthy way to get out your emotions and feelings.”

One way that Carter Luck, John Campi and David Carlip was able to display their musical expertise was through their thoughtful song selection, chosen for its solos. Another difficulty their group encountered was finding a song, despite their lack of vocalist. Luck notes, “Since we didn’t have a vocalist, we tried to find songs without vocals and a focus on solos.” Their song was a great display of their talents, while being mindful of their constraint.

Senior Eric Aguilar rips on the guitar during a performance of The Eagles’ Hotel California

Like Alden, Luck also had a background in his music, but instead of with rapping, with playing the drums. He says, “I have played drums for about five years. I like being in the zone and playing cool solos.”

2018 Da Vinci alumni Camilo Rodriguez and Carson Janke perform an original song

Through all of the performances, the souls of each student shined, as they displayed not only just a performance, but something they each loved.

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