How Did Da Vinci Spend Break?

As every student at Da Vinci knows, right around Thanksgiving there is a week with no school.

Although every student gets the same break, what they do with it differs greatly! From staying at home to traveling cross country, every student can agree that the break is greatly appreciated, and a nice rest from the stress of the school year.

Every year, sophomore Jonathon Huneke travels to Manteca with his family to celebrate Thanksgiving at his grandma’s house. While they are there, he enjoys watching football and seeing his grandma. As well as traveling during the break, Huneke played a lot of Fortnite, watched Disney Channel shows with his little sister, and hung out with his friends.

Senior Samantha Sheridan also left Davis for the break and drove to Lake Tahoe with her friends. They rented their own Air Bnb and while they were there they made pizza, ate cake, and played lots of board games. Sheridan said, “I was very grateful to be able to spend time with my friends as well as my family and for my wonderful group of friends. It was also really nice to be able to get out of Davis and into the wilderness.” She and her friends also have a tradition of doing a Friendsgiving celebration every year which is “Very important to me.” Sheridan notes.

Although Thanksgiving break is over, the holiday season is just getting kicked off! With Winter Break and then the New  Year not far out of sight, all students are excited for what’s to come. For now, however, the Vitruvian has collected data on what types of the pie the students of Da Vinci like to eat the best. This data will be viewable in a – you guessed it! Pie chart. This chart is as punny as it is informative, showing that apple is in the top spot with pumpkin and pecan not far behind.

Although Thanksgiving break is now over, everyone at the Vitruvian is wishing the students of Da Vinci a wonderful finals week,  Winter Break, and holiday season overall, and a very happy New Year!

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