Enter the Dragon’s Den

Davis, you’ve seen Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den on TV, but are you ready to see this action in your own hometown? Right in your backyard, at Da Vinci Charter Academy on December 14th from 6:00-8:00 pm, there will be a display of business pitches, ranging from foods to virtual reality.  Da Vinci’s seniors have been working on creating their businesses since the beginning of October. Now, they are ready to show the community and the Dragons all of their hard work – and to see if it is enough for local businesses to invest in.

If you come to this event, expect to see a wide variety of businesses and ideas presented by some of the most well-spoken seniors in Davis. In the past, seniors have created pet sitting companies, food delivery services, restaurants selling smoothies and even doughnuts, all with their own comprehensive business plans that include everything a legitimate business developer would need to know.

As Dragons’ Den is in its 15th year since its conception, it has been developed and refined greatly during that time. It was originally much less impactful than the project that it has grown to be today, with students only needing to apply for a loan and pitch to their class. While engaging students’ creativity, the Dragons’ Den project is also teaching them about economics and financial planning in a way that is beneficial to them in their lives outside of school.

In order to receive funding, the seniors must show that their business would thrive in our little city of Davis. They demonstrate this by conducting market research and considering the business climate of Davis to decide on a product that would really be beneficial and succeed in Davis.

This is where the Dragons (and you) come in! They are a group of local business owners and teachers in Davis that have the same job as the sharks in Shark Tank. After listening to the short pitches presented by the seniors, the Dragons must decide whether to make or break this business by either giving or withholding their investment. Even if you are not part of the group of Dragons, community members can vote on which business that they like the best and that will succeed the most in Davis.

We invite you, a citizen of Davis, to join us once again at 1400 E 8th St. on December 14th from 6-8 pm to help support our seniors in their business ventures and to spend a night to see what it would be like to hold someone’s future in your hands. Thank you in advance, and we sincerely hope to see you there!

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