The Pipe Bomb Scandal

As pipe bombs are delivered to many political leaders as well as news sources in America, Da Vinci students weigh in.

Throughout the past week, October 22-26, thirteen pipe bombs were mailed to different public figures and news outlets. Luckily, all of the packages were intercepted before detonation and none of the intended recipients were harmed. Some of these recipients included past presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, actor Robert De Niro, and senator Kamala Harris (D- CA). Other state representatives, news analysts, political donors and vice presidents were targeted by these pipe bombs.

Some of the packages did not solely include a bomb; the ones that were sent to Barack Obama, Maxine Waters (D-CA), former CIA director John Brennan and political philanthropist George Soros included a photo of each target marked with a large red “X”.

One of the packages containing pipe bombs sent from the address of a Florida senator

On Friday, October 26th, law enforcement officials arrested Cesar Sayoc, a Florida man who was arrested numerous times before and had a history of making bomb threats. FBI agents discovered Sayoc based on a single fingerprint. With this evidence, as well as his extensive background of criminal behavior, it was clear that the officials had found the culprit.

Many Da Vinci students had already heard of the events, as the story has made national news.

When asked what they knew about the bombs and how they felt, the students had different ideas as well as views that were common throughout the group. Junior Clark LiWang says, “Personally, since I support Trump, it kind of puts a bad reputation on Republicans because not everyone is going to send bombs to people – if we’re going to have an argument it’s going to be a civil discussion.”  

Other students thought that the access to media that everyone has nowadays could have led to his radicalization. “I would say that the internet is a big component in this,” senior Eleanor Jacobo-Becker said, “It spreads ideas that…can be harmful to people and it helps people that might have otherwise been considered crazy, it kind of reinforces them like ‘Oh I’m not crazy other people think the same way I do.’”

As for the way it made them feel, most students were not worried for their own safety. Junior CJ Fabionar said, “It’s not like I’m going to see a bomb when I open the mail from now on, but it’s scary to think that there are bombs out there.” Senior Ramiro Cabanillas-Lesdesma said, “It doesn’t particularly scare me, it just surprises me.”

Luckily, the suspect has been caught and this string of attacks is over. It is unknown what kind of events like this will occur in the future, but one thing we can count on, is the fact that Da Vinci students will be well informed!


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