How Does Da Vinci Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is coming up next Thursday, giving students both time away from school and time to spend with family and loved ones! Although Thanksgiving itself stays fairly traditional from household to household, Da Vinci students have their own ways to honor Turkey Day.

Senior Samantha Sheridan loves Thanksgiving and recalls it as a family-centric holiday. “I spend it at my house and all my family comes over,” she said, “It’s kind of a tradition. We move everything out of my living room and rent tables. My siblings and I will wake up really early to watch the parade, and our job is always to decorate the table. It’s really wonderful.”

Principal Millsap also spends his Thanksgiving in a traditional way. In fact, he has two. “I do Thanksgiving with my side of the family on Thanksgiving at my house,” he said. “And then, with my wife’s side of the family which is much bigger, we go to a cabin in Kyburz and that’s a big old Thanksgiving in the mountains, which is pretty cool.”

However, turkey and mashed potatoes isn’t what everyone is chewing on next Thursday. Psychology teacher Brittany Rosenberg and her mother are both vegetarian. “I’m a vegetarian and so is my mom, so we get a turkey for my dad and husband, but we usually have sweet potatoes, and sometimes mac and cheese, and a salad and rolls.”

For junior Justin Yeung, even potatoes aren’t on the menu. He spends his Thanksgiving with family eating dim sum, but he still has his favorite Thanksgiving traditions. “My uncle and aunt do not like garlic or onions. We order this chicken dish with fried garlic, and my uncle was eating it, and he was like, ‘This is pretty good,’ and then his son said, ‘Hey Dad, you see those little things that look like rice? That’s garlic.’ Then he stopped eating it.”

Junior Ava MacDonald also has a favorite holiday tradition. “My family always does a puzzle,” she said, “We get out a really big puzzle and we do it all day.”

All over campus, Da Vinci students are preparing for their family holidays, which includes a vast majority of foods. Here’s what some of them will be eating:

“Mashed potatoes!” – Ava MacDonald (11)

“Stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, biscuits, cranberry, turkey!” – Ms. Barbie (student teacher)

“Tamales and turkey,” – Ramiro CL (12)

“Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, all the usual stuff, and then my wife’s mom makes one of those weird salads. It’s got jello with fruit in it and cream cheese on top. It’s a little weird,” – Millsap (principal).

Regardless of what will be on your table this Thanksgiving, make sure to enjoy it. From all of us here at The Vitruvian, happy Thanksgiving!

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