A Review of DHS’s Little Women, The Musical

On Friday, November 2nd, DHS’s production of Little Women opened its doors to the public. The play is based on Louisa May Alcott’s novel and featured several Da Vinci students, such as senior Neil Das as Roderigo and Mr. Laurence, senior Samantha Sheridan as Marmee, and senior McKella Van Boxtel as Meg. The play chronicled the lives of the four March sisters and their mother, growing up in the Civil War era, with their father away in the army. The audience comes to understand the similarities and differences between Meg, the girly grown-up; Jo, the ambitious tomboy; Beth, the gentle sweetheart; and Amy, the precocious child. Jo, portrayed by DHS senior Jordan Hayakawa, leads the story with brilliant vocals and excellent delivery of lines. Sweet Beth is played by DHS senior Savannah McCoy, and childish Amy is wonderfully portrayed by DHS junior Lily Linaweaver.

The story begins with a flashback to Jo’s experience in New York and her attempts to land a publishing deal with a New York company. We then jump back to the March home. The several transitions and flashbacks of this type can be a tad misleading for those unfamiliar with the story, but a little context clues help tie it all back together. Throughout the two and a half hour long production, the audience follows Jo’s quest to travel and write, Marmee’s difficulty raising four ‘little women’ alone, and Beth’s ultimate death of scarlet fever. As the actors took their final bows at the very end, the crowd was on their feet.

The production value was very well done, with excellently designed sets and beautiful vocals from each of the actors. In one scene, Beth and Mr. Laurence (Das) sing a tune called “Off to Massachusetts,” which I would rate as the best song in the entire musical. McCoy’s voice mixed beautifully with Das’s, sending chills down my spine. In addition, I was happily surprised by the sheer vocal talent from each of the actors. One can only expect so much from a high school musical, but the cast of Little Women exceed those expectations.

The musical continues the weekend of the 9th, and will finish its run on Saturday, November 10th. The cost is $10 at the door, and $10 well spent. I highly recommend taking a couple of hours out of your evening to support the kids of DHS and Da Vinci in their production of Little Women.


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