Da Vinci Students Take on the SAT

The SAT is a well-known standardized test that students take to provide colleges with information about their aptitude in certain subjects. It is dreaded by many, but recognized for its importance in determining attendance of colleges and universities. It has become a common interest of high school students to practice for the SAT in applicable ways. The SAT is known for its unique style of questioning; often incorporating trick questions or similar answers to ensure the test taker is paying close attention.

To cope with and prepare for these problems, senior Jackson Terning shared some of the strategies he used to find success. “Well, I’d taken the PSAT in junior year. I think, actually, I took the SAT in junior year in May, so it wasn’t long after. I used Khan Academy and practiced on that for a few weeks. I also took a full practice test on Khan Academy.” He spoke highly of Khan Academy, a website that offers lots of educational lessons on a multitude of school subjects, and they are also well known and held in high regard for their great SAT prep resources.

Ms. Roper, one of the campus counselors, also praised the value of using Khan Academy. “Usually, if a student has taken the PSAT, then their scores link up to Khan Academy. That can be a helpful tool for studying for the SAT since it is specific to the areas they need additional practice in. It is also helpful to build in some time to study as part of a regular homework routine rather than cram right before the test. Take some practice tests online, Khan Academy offers a variety of them. Additionally, ask your counselor about some test prep courses if you’re interested in that.”

Credit Khan Academy

Jackson Terning also expressed an interest in the multiple books that have been published about the SAT. “I know there’s a lot of books about the SAT, but I don’t know if I would have preferred to read them instead of using Khan Academy. I’m not sure if I would have had time to read a book, but I feel like it would have been interesting,” he said. “I know that there’s a lot of trick questions on the SAT, and I feel like reading a book may have helped me identify those questions, or just have provided general strategies.”

When asked if he was planning on taking it again, Terning brought up an opinion a lot of other students seem to share about the SAT; it is not an entertaining experience. “I’m not going to take the SAT again, it just definitely was not very fun, and I got a good enough score that I don’t need to retake it,” he said. “Just sitting for hours with only occasional breaks is just not a fun thing to do ever. Unless it’s school, in which case it’s fun and great to do, and I love it. Sitting for long periods of time is not enjoyable, and it’s like a mental strain almost; lots of time with your brain working and not many breaks. I especially like taking walking breaks while doing homework, and you can’t do that during the SAT.”

Information and support for taking the SAT can be given to you by your counselors. Be sure to schedule a meeting with them on the landing page if you have any concerns or issues you need to discuss.

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