DVTV’s Back!

Da Vinci’s main medium of relaying school news to students is the daily morning announcements, but recently, a fresh news hotspot has also risen from its recently dug grave. In the 2017/2018 school year, DVTV was launched with high hopes from the team behind it, with a disappointing final product. DVTV was determined to put out weekly episodes, a goal that was completely missed by the team. This year, a new team has taken over, with more reasonable goals and a vastly different initial product. Met with a positive response from the student audience, the start to the program this year looks much more hopeful. However, the show’s launch wasn’t completely flawless. Sophomore Joseph Hendrix shared his thoughts on a couple of the first episode’s weaknesses. “DVTV; I thought it was great, but the cuts were too long, and the audio was messed up. And the green screen didn’t work.” The public reception was mostly positive, but they still had feedback to give.

The second episode is in production now, backed by a determined team. Juniors Carter Adams, Fiona Herner, and Zachary Swart are the driving force behind DVTV. “My overall experience with working on DVTV has been very positive. It’s a lot of work, probably more than you think, but I love writing the script and interviewing people. We write the script in about a day, film for a few days, then Carter edits it,” says Fiona Herner, DVTV co-anchor. “Having to watch yourself speak is a little bit uncomfortable, but I think that I will get used to it. I know that there’s lots to improve on, but I think we’re doing an adequate job right now.”

The future of DVTV is looking very hopeful compared to last year. In the Leadership class, DVTV has even received its own committee, fully committed to the program. The program has made a lot of strides in technological aspects, thanks in part to Beau Runyan, one of the campus’s technological supporters. With brand new microphones, a fresh green screen and professional lighting, the video and sound quality have increased exponentially. With a lot of positive and constructive feedback from the community, DVTV is on the road to becoming a much better medium for putting out the news.

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