A Visit from Your Future

This year, students have multiple opportunities to learn about colleges here at Da Vinci. With representatives coming from as far as Oregon, our students have the chance to ask questions about the process of applying to college as well as college-specific questions. Every college visit is free and open to any Da Vinci high school student.

Whether you can’t be transported to college campuses outside of Yolo County, or you have no free time outside of school, visits from these colleges take place during the school day and at lunch, so they are easily accessible to anyone on campus at that time.

For students who are wondering what to expect from a college visit, look no further than Da Vinci’s own counselors, Ms. Roper and Ms. Strand. Although Ms. Strand recognizes that Da Vinci only hosts a handful of colleges, Da Vinci students are also welcome to attend Davis Senior High’s college visits.  She notes, “The College and Career Center at DHS has multiple college visits every week.” On the topic of how students can get updates on events, Ms. Strand said, “Juniors and seniors are encouraged to view and sign up through Naviance for the college visits at DHS.” Sophomores – don’t forget, it’s never too early to sign up for Naviance and get ahead in life.

Becca Wittman, a Da Vinci senior, has firsthand experience in attending a college event. The event taught her many helpful things. On the event, she commented, “We get to talk a lot about requirements for the college, about clubs that are offered on campus, student unions, music programs, sports teams, that kind of stuff, and where it’s situated like if it’s in the city or if it’s out in the wild.” These are all factors that go to making college an enjoyable experience, so it’s important to know! She also spoke about the importance and exclusivity of the events, with her experience going to the Lewis and Clark college visit, saying, “it was really helpful because not everybody is going to have the chance to visit them because they’re so far away.”

UCLA will be visiting from SoCal

The college visits at both Da Vinci and Davis Senior High are great opportunities for our students to be exposed to helpful college information and to ask the representatives any questions. Look forward to upcoming visits from U-Oregon, UCLA, and U-Puget Sound in the coming month. If you miss any of these, Ms. Strand encourages students to “visit the school’s website, take a virtual tour, read the view books in the College Corner in the presentation room, or consult with their counselor.”

Gather your questions and look forward to answers!


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