Football and Fancy Feet

Homecoming, occurring on October 19, 2018, was a memorable day for staff and students at Da Vinci Charter Academy. Students were excited for Homecoming, which included getting out of school early, a parade, an animated football game and concluded with a dance. The parade included the shaking of the cheerleaders’ poms and the sticks hitting the bands drums. Da Vinci senior Ella Moore was proud to be part of the parade.

Senior Kayden Hoal proudly in the air (Credit Davis Enterprise)

The most exciting part of Hoco for me is marching in the parade. It may seem kinda dumb, but I really like marching in the rows. The percussionists were in the back and we played a lot more than the other instrumentalists.”

Similar to the band members, the cheerleaders worked strongly to get ready for the big game; it was a busy and fun week for them. The cheerleaders performed a routine that filled the crowds with excitement.

Cheerleaders excited on the red wagon. (Credit Angela Schouten)

“The week of practice was busy and consisted of a lot of changes to the routine as we went but overall it was fun. The most exciting part of the game was performing the routine that we worked really hard on and having it go really well. It was also super fun getting the student section pumped up and being able to throw DHS gear to them,” said senior cheerleader Olivia Quesada.

The students liked and enjoyed the Homecoming parade, as well as the Homecoming event as a whole. It’s an event that students and staff will always remember.

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