Da Vinci Students are Coding Their Way to a Brighter Future

Da Vinci High school now offers a college class on campus! CISP 360, a class introducing structured programming, is now being offered through Sacramento City College every Monday and Wednesday from 2:45-4:05 in Ms. Broughton’s room including high school students as well as college students. This allows Da Vinci students to work alongside and learn from college students.

CISP 360, also known as Introduction to Structured Programming, teaches students the basics of programming using the language C++. The prerequisite to this course is CISP 301, or the analysis and thinking behind code. However, for Da Vinci students, the prereq is the coding class offered at Da Vinci campus teaching students how to code using Python.

Having started in mid-August, CISP 360 is almost halfway complete and the students are quickly approaching their midterm. To further understand how students in this class feel about this course and what they are hoping to accomplish, two interviews were conducted.

In an interview conducted with senior Cole Hein, he expressed his decision to take this class in the following way; to “get a feel for college classes and further my knowledge in the field of my interest. “ Although the majority if high school students in this class agree with Coles reasoning, there are only 8 out of 300 students enrolled.

The limited enrollment poses the question why don’t Da Vinci students want to take advantage of enrolling in a college class on campus, thereby getting a head start on their college education? Principal Millsap said that Da Vinci has been offering Sacramento City classes on campus for around 6 years and yet very few students enroll in and complete the class.

Normally, Da Vinci offers general education college classes such as International Relations and Introduction to Sociology; so this is the first time a class has required a prerequisite course.

When looking at the community college classes proposed for the 2019/2020 academic year, the CISP 360 class may not be included on the list. This is because Da Vinci intends to incorporate college level curriculum in our basic Computer Science course.

Over the next few years, students might have the opportunity to enroll in a revamped coding course, with a series of classes starting in 9th grade and continuing through 12th grade. This revamp would encourage freshmen to dive into computer science in junior high, preparing them for college classes and maybe even an entry level job or internship in this field.


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