Little Women Takes the Stage at Davis High

Left to Right, Senior Jordan Hayakawa, Senior Savannah Mccoy, Junior Lily Linaweaver and Senior Mckella Van Boxtel, sit together during music rehearsals.

Little Women takes the stage at Davis High and a handful of our Da Vinci students are going be singing, dancing, and acting. Mckella Van Boxtel will be performing as Meg, with Samantha Sheridan as Marme and Neil Das as Mr. Lawrence.

Senior Neil Das is heavily involved in theater at DHS. “I first got involved with Legally Blonde at DHS as a junior. From then I’ve done Laramie Project a tribute to Tony Fields and I am now on the drama board,” said Das. “I don’t really relate to the role” he said. Mr. Lawrence is a grumpy old man, and those of us around campus know Neil is always upbeat.

Senior Mckella Van Boxtel is playing the role of the eldest sister,, Meg. “We both always have our head in the clouds” said Van Boxtel. The three other sisters Jo, Beth and, Amy go on adventures . “The appeal of the show is classic, but getting to tell the story on stage is exciting.” added Das.

The DHS theater department continues to welcome and encourage kids to audition. With Chad Fisk as the new director, and Stephen Ilagan as the new music director. Yet even with these new team members, rehearsals are going smoother than ever. Mr. Fisk and Mr. Ilagan have been extremely helpful and supportive. Most kids will spend afternoons between 3-6 pm at DHS, rehearsing lines, going over songs, and practicing choreography. It’s a big commitment, but the kids who are in these shows are more than up for the challenge.

As Da Vinci students, we stand separate from DHS, and getting to know people over there can be hard. Regardless, the cast of Little Women is extremely close-knit, always cracking jokes and making each other laugh during breaks. “Spending four hours with people at rehearsals and tech with people and when you’re not working helps you get to know people, even the stress of the show helps us bond” said Das.

They really are all in this together. Watching them rehearse, it’s easy to see that theater is essentially a big group project. “It’s very well casted. Everyone fits into their into their role like a glove” said Van Boxtel. “We are all very similar; we are outgoing and love performing, it keeps us close.” she adds.

Make sure to come and check this awesome show out! Little Women will be showing from November 2nd through the 10th at the Richard Brunelle Theater!


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