Da Vinci Welcomes Four New Fantastic Teachers

Senior English teacher Josephine Lanni poses in her royal attire after teaching Julius Caesar.

This year Da Vinci has added four new teachers to the Dino Pack. Last year we said goodbye to Ms. Gist, Mr. Langone, and Mr. Haru. This year, we are joined by Ms. Lanni, Ms. Loomis, Mr.Kwan and Ms. Declerq. Yes, that is a lot of new teachers!

Ms. Lanni says her favorite thing about Da Vinci is “how impressive all of the students are here. They all are very driven and passionate about changing the world.” In Miss Lanni’s free time, she likes to always be outdoors. “I like to camp, hike, read, and hang out with as many friends as possible.” This is her third year of teaching! “Being a teacher at Da Vinci, I come to work every day and I am inspired by the students that I interact with.  I feel so lucky to come to “work” and it never feels like a job. I wouldn’t do anything else as my career. My favorite class to teach, honestly, is probably English just because I had an English teacher that changed my life. And every day that I teach I think of her and being a student in her class and looking up to her; wanting to be just like her.”

Although this is Miss Lanni’s third year of teaching, this year is her first year of teaching PBL. When asked what she likes most about PBL she stated, “I feel that is prepares you for the real world, where you are constantly collaborating and working to solve global issues.” She is currently teaching English, ACES, and Journalism.

This is Mr. Kwan’s first year at Da Vinci. When asked what Mr. Kwan likes about PBL he stated, ”I like the team work and energy of the project, the freeness of the class.” During Mr. Kwan’s free time, he likes to watch YouTube videos of people eating and playing video games. Mr. Kwan likes how the students makes him laugh in each of his classes. He also likes how the staff is very supportive and the students are very nice and do their work. Mr. Kwan said that he likes science because it explains life around us. This going to be his second year teaching. Mr. Kwan currently teaches environmental science, physics and chemistry. During the week Mr. Kwan helps coach the Da Vinci ultimate frisbee team.


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