Da Vinci Offering New Clubs This Fall

Starting off this 2018-19 school year, Da Vinci will be hosting a variety of colorful clubs. From the Ultimate Frisbee club, to DV’s own Gender & Sexualities Alliance, to the South Korea Club that travels across the ocean every summer, there is a club for almost everyone. If you find that none of the following clubs reflect your interests, the status of an unofficial club is where many of this year’s clubs started; all you need is a common interest and some comrades.

The Dungeons and Dragons club, headed by Carter Adams, a junior, is starting off its first official year with great success. The goal of his club is to “provide a fun and engaging space to sort of ‘nerd out’ for a while in the presence of other people who share similar interests,” says Adams.  A typical DnD club meeting consists of activities related to Dungeons and Dragons, from writing stories and characters and worldbuilding, to “a bunch of other stuff that people probably haven’t heard of,” Adams claims. There may be only one or two ways to find out that “other stuff”, with attending their weekly meetings in Mr. Bell’s room being one of them.  

The J.A.M. club, or the Japanese Animated Movie club invites any and all who are interested in the anime genre or are simply interested in expanding their movie horizons. Led by junior Mitchell Maximillian Manalac Madayag, this new club isn’t all just movies. “We plan to have discussions about the movie, general anime debates, and cooking sessions(mainly jam),” adds Madayag. Meetings take place in Mr. Kurth’s room every Tuesday at lunch, and welcomes new people to its casual environment.

The Video Game club, created by senior Diego Acevedo, is aimed to introduce people to and to improve skills in video games. Also a newly official club this 2018-19 school year, the Video Game Club starts off “… with a presentation about either a certain concept or game, then we play that game,” according to Acevedo. Although the video game club existed last year, they were made official this year to “…organize fundraisers or events that will help us buy new equipment for the school…,” says Acevedo. The opportunity to participate in this clubs comes once a week, in Mr. Bell’s room.

Da Vinci is also the home to Mock Trial, Overwatch, Gardening, Project Smile, GSA, 3D Printing, South Korea, and Ultimate Frisbee clubs. If none of these sounded appealing, new clubs are always welcome.

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