Tutoring at Da Vinci Junior High

Most Da Vinci students have struggled with math or English at some point in their career- it’s exceptionally difficult not to, with them being some of the most rigorous subjects on campus. Even though most of Da Vinci’s teachers are excellent, sometimes even the most knowledgeable students need extra guidance. This extra guidance can be most helpful when someone gives extra advice and step-by-step processes.

That’s why Da Vinci High School has started a tutoring program for ninth graders who want more help with their work. Various Da Vinci High students from all three grades attended an informational meeting about tutoring, a position which they will be paid hourly for. “I’m excited for that money and also to get to know the kids and learn how to teach other people,” said senior Willow Jackson. The position offers experience, reputation, money, and even new friendships. Many of the freshman are excited to learn and ready to make friends over their work. “I struggled with math earlier and I’m excited to help other people not be frustrated by math,” said senior James Zablotsky. He entered the tutoring program per Mr. Millsap’s request, as did several other tutors.

This job can be difficult, but often is rewarding, as the students begin to grasp the content and become more excited about learning. The students often form a friendship with their tutor, which makes the teaching process easier as it becomes synergetic. One of the first projects the tutors are helping the freshmen with is a compare and contrast essay comparing Greek heroes and modern day heroes. The students must compare a hero such as Odysseus with someone they consider to be a hero today. They must give thought to this, which can be difficult, but with experienced Da Vinci tutors working with them, they make significant progress and begin to unleash their inner writer.

Additionally, many of the tutors are working on math with their students, mostly on algebra concepts such as graphing and equations. While this helps the students to learn the new concepts they need to thrive in the classroom, it also provides a (sometimes much needed) refresher on the content for many tutors.This program provides a great opportunity for both high school students, who are both learning to educate and receiving money, and for the junior high students who are learning more each day, preparing them for their successful high school careers.

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