Track and Field Pre-Season

Track and Field starts in one week, but for now it is the preseason where students can try all the disciplines to see which one they would like to do during the season. They meet four days a week, Monday through Thursday, for two hours.
Bruna Menezes, junior at Da Vinci, started track because she is required to do a sport for her school in Brazil. “I first started doing track because I had to do a sport and I thought track was a good idea,” she said.
Hanna Sienknecht, junior and staff writer, joined track because she wanted to stay with her friends. “A lot of my cross country friends went to track after cross country ended,” she said. For senior Abby Reina-Guerra it was pretty much the same. “When I was starting freshman year I did cross country at the beginning of the year and my friends and my brother convinced me that I would have just as much fun on the track team,” she said.
Track and field includes a wide variety of events, there are a lot of different disciplines including hurdling, high jump, triple jump, long jump, four by fours, distance running and throwing. “I think it is a good sport because it is diverse and you can try different things,” added Sienknecht. “We also go to the weight room which is were we workout two times a week.”
Track and field has a big team. “We are already a lot of people, +/- 50, and when the season starts, we are going to be a lot more,” said Menezes. Because of the large amount of athletes, the team has a lot of coaches to help them. “We have 8 coaches for track and each coach is in charge of a different section of the track team,” said Reina-Guerra. “We have one head coach, that is Elliot,” continued Hanna Sienknecht. All the coaches are very supportive and help the athletes believe in themselves.
Everyone has different expectations about track. “I knew going into track that some days were going to hurt, but I never expected to love the sport as much as I do,” said Reina-Guerra. “I was very excited but I had no idea how it’s going to be,” said Menezes. “It is hard for me because I am not used to running but it is very fun and I like it a lot.”
Even if they don’t have the same expectations, they are all there because they like it and because it is a fun sport with a great team. For Reina-Guerra, the team is like a big family which is why she recommends joining.

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