Three Days and Counting

It seems like just yesterday when the students of Da Vinci were going through workshops during the first 3 days of school. Now, summer is nearly here. For seniors, this means the end of their time in high school as they are gearing up for the next chapter in their lives. For sophomores and juniors, hang in there! There are still some great projects to get through, but you can do it!

Let’s get back to summertime. Although it is quite hot, it can also be relaxing, adventurous, and exciting. Most of us filled out a survey a couple weeks ago about our summer plans. Let’s take a look at the results.

When asked what students are most looking forward to this summer, there was quite a range of responses. Working was the most desired activity, while travelling, free time and hanging out with friends and family were next up for desired activities. “Surfing, cycling, and hanging out with the boys,”said sophomore Charlie Longshore-Neate. “Going to COSMOS at UC Santa Cruz to learn number theory and discrete math,” commented sophomore David Carlip.

After asking Da Vinci students if they are planning to travel, there were some amazing adventures mentioned. The chart shows all the results, but some students laid out some great plans. “I am going to India for a month, then Barcelona for a couple weeks, and finally to London for a year,”mentioned Junior Preet Kandola. Students will miss him next year, but they wish him safe travels. “The State Department is sending me to China,” stated Junior Andy Knox.
“Going on vacation she to Hawaii,” mentioned Senior Lev Turner.

Although only a few places were mentioned, DV students have big plans to travel out of city, state, and/or country.The Vitruvian wishes every student a fun summer, safe travels, and farewell.

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