The Senior Class Undergoing Some Underwater Fun

From February 27th through March second, students in the beloved Zobot class will be bussing down to SoCal to spend a couple days in the beautiful islands of Catalina.
This trip is one to look forward too all year! Chaperoned by Grima, Langone, Burke, Mike, and Uliasz, what is there not to love?
On the island the students participate in numerous physical activities and bonding experiences.”On wednesday we hike up mountain, eat dinner, and then go on a night hike and stargaze. Thursday is our morning snorkel and afternoon lab work where you get to pet and look at sea creatures. Then friday is our last day snorkel and then departure home.” Said Mr. Grima, Da Vinci’s Zobot teacher and leader on the trip.
The other main high school in Davis, DHS, also attends the Catalina trip but are kept separate from our school. In the past there have been incidents of students trying to ride wild bison and even having substances, but these incidents have never occured from our own school. “Last year we got stuck in an accident and got delayed, our school is pretty good in terms of misbehaving.” Said Grima.
Since the trip is jam packed with activities there is much to be eager for. “I’m excited for the night hike and seeing Grima in his wetsuit.” Said Camilo Rodriguez, a senior who could not attend his classes trip last year so is joining this years excursion. “The nature, hiking with friends and having great experiences with teachers.” Said senior Jenna Karoly. “Snorkeling and night hikes.” said Carson Janke, another senior. Obviously hiking would be a popularity among students, since Davis is notoriously an active and nature-bound community.
Although the trip is hyped up to be all fun and games. There is anxiety for the teachers in running the trip smoothly. “Going through luggage and making sure no one does any shenanigans, and this year we have more students so we need to keep track of two buses.” Said Grima.
He continued with some final advice for the students. “Be a responsible student, follow the instructions given by your guides, swim safely, be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the animals around you because they are not pets, participate, maintain a good attitude, try even if your uncomfortable because it is a once in a lifetime experience for many people and costs a lot of money.”
If you have any questions or concerns about Catalina then email Grima at

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