The Personal Statement Project

During October, seniors at Da Vinci are participating in the Personal Statements project, where seniors write a personal statement to prepare for their College Applications. Seniors either follow prompts from the schools they’d like to apply for or follow prompts from English 12 teacher Emma Gist.

The feelings from students about the project thus far seems to be a mixture of unease about the writing but a general agreement that it will ultimately be helpful.

“I think it will be (helpful) once I put in some effort, to have someone check over it who knows what they’re looking for,” said senior James McGlynn.

Senior Hugh Darwent added, “I think this project is helpful because you get feedback from a teacher on part of your applications.”

“I think it will be (good) in the end, I think I will have the best essay I can have with Gist’s help,” said senior Freddie Longshore-Neate.

The tricky part of writing personal statements is the fact you are writing about yourself. “I don’t like to brag about myself,” said Longshore-Neate, “It’s a process, it’s hard for me to figure out topics,”he continued, expressing his unease about the topic.

“I find it kinda weird, because it’s hard to not come off narcissistic,” agreedMcGlynn.

Darwent said, “It’s interesting to get it all down on paper. I think I like it sorta?” But all in all there was a general agreement that this project, no matter the struggles, would ultimately be helpful.

With due dates for college applications looming within the next few months, it is important to have a good personal statement. With tasks like a good SAT and ACT score being the crux of a college application, an amazing personal statement could mistakenly be overlooked. This project gives you the preparation and feedback you need to put the best version of yourself out to the world.

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