HTTC 2018: The Grey’s Anatomy Party

Grey’s Anatomy Party
President: Chase Furman
Vice President: Chase Furman
Campaign Manager: Sage Furman
Economic Advisor: Molly Hammond
Press Secretary: Matthew Wong

The Grey’s Anatomy Party is a liberal party for hail to the chief. The group includes Chase Furman,vice president and Sage Furman, president who is the campaign manager, Molly Hammond, economic advisor and Matthew Wong who is the press secretary, all seniors ar DaVinci.

“Our platform is shown through our power issue of free healthcare for all US citizens, because it shows that we value the health of people,” said Sage Furman, a Grey’s Anatomy party team member. Hail to the Chief groups choose power issues to focus on, and following the idea of the medical show Grey’s Anatomy, it would make sense to prioritize healthcare.

Parties need to be endorsed by Super PACs and some have more trouble than others. “We have already found that we have opposing views with some Super PACs, but we also agree with some of them,” said Furman.

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