The Dreaded College Application (Update)

Sophomores become juniors, and juniors become seniors, and all of the sudden you’re confronted with a mass of daunting college applications. Currently we are nearing the end of the college application whirlwind. Recently the deadline for UC’s and CSU’s was on November 30th. Other big upcoming deadlines include National College Decision Day on May 1st.

Senior Freddie Longshore-Neate has applied to a multitude of Universities including Southern Oregon University, Humboldt State University, Western Washington University and Lewis and Clark College. He expressed how excited he was to be finished with applications and to pursue a higher education. “I am glad to be finished it is a lot of stress that is off my back now. I am excited to see which schools I get into but not excited to choose where I go,” said Longshore-Neate “I am very excited to be accepted to Western Washington University, and Humboldt.”

Senior Alyse Lodigiani is in a similar position as Longshore-Neate, she has applied to a handful including some UC’s and Stanford, and is also excited to have finished her college application journey. “All of my applications are in at this point. I am very excited to be finished it’s one less thing I have to be worried about on a daily basis,” said Lodigiani,“I have not gotten any decisions yet. I get the first on December 15th, and the standard UCs in March.”

As deadlines come and go, so does the stress that comes along with them. If you have any questions concerning college applications feel free to contact Da Vinci counselors Ms. Strand at or Ms. Roper at

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