Students from Korea are Coming to Da Vinci Sooner Than You Think

The Korea Club at Da Vinci high has been meeting weekly to discuss and plan the trip for the upcoming Korean students. The students will arrive at the San Francisco airport at noon on January 10th and depart Davis January15th.
“We are going to take them around Davis, see movies, bring them to the bay and cook with them,” said senior Keevan MacGgarvey-Taeneanbaum, a member of Korea Club. “My role in Korea Club is to sit, usually either in a chair like this one or on a table like so, listen to Ellie talk,and do a little budget calculating on my phone. I bought pizzas to help fundraise last year. My uncle works at UNITY and is providing an opportunity for the Korean students to go visit their office in SF, play with their virtual reality equipment and get free lunch,” McGgarvey-TanenbaumMacgarvey-Tenanbaum stated.
Last year the clubs advisor was Mrs. Fowler, but this year it has changed to teacher NormaSra. Ramirez.
“Wow, mixed emotions,” said Ms. Ramirez. “ I am mainly excited obviously to be part of the club. I just wish I would have been part of the club from the beginning,.” she continued.aid advisor Norma Ramirez.
“I basically shadow the club, they have all the initiative and self directiveness that they need to make things happen.,: Ms. “ Ramirez said.continued.
“There are many things I want to get the (Korean students’) perspective on,” Ramirez stated. “Tthis little snippet they will get on American culture, because [Davis]this isn’t a typical town.”,
it will be different from LA, and “I am excited for them to see and try new food which is different here than in Korea. Also seeing that they hosted a person and now they get to come and see a new home and school, I wonder if it will be what they envisioned,” said Ms. Ramirez
High school in Korea starts at 8eight am and continues until as late as 10ten pm or midnight. Students there are trained vigorously in all academic subjects and university acceptance is extremely competitive. High school at Da Vinci is a different experience.
“I think they will be surprised with the amount of personal freedom that students are given, like leaving campus at lunch, and leave class often, the difference in the teacher student relationship (less formal), and I think the big thing will be changing classrooms every period, there is a lot which will be surprising because they are new and different,” said Mcgarvey-Tanenbaum.
The trip to Davis will be a huge culture shock for these students and give them a whole new perspective on education. To learn more about the Korean students coming and their possible itinerary contact Sra. Ramirez at or Ellie Dawson at

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