Recruitment Season is Upon Us

As the 2017-2018 school year begins to wind down, the Da Vinci students and staff begin to think about recruitment for the incoming sophomores.
Recruitment is an annual presentation given to the junior highs in Davis to inform younger grades about what Da Vinci is, and if it is right for them. “We talk to junior high students about what Da Vinci is and why we enjoy going to school here,” said senior Sarah Seyk, who is involved in recruitment.
Scott Steven Bell, the teacher in charge of recruitment, says it started about two years after the school opened. “We created a program over the years that took a lot of time to fashion the different parts, how it was going to function. We were on a different campus, we had different needs, we didn’t have a junior high at the time. We started with the idea of a video and a presentation and that’s kind of how it was born,” said Bell.
With so many working parts, and so many people involved, there are bound to be some hiccups. “[Recruitment] takes so much time and there are so many people involved. It takes months of planning, it takes a lot of work from the students. It happens during the busiest time of the year with 1929 Night, World War 1 Night, and Hail to the Chief all happening. You have night events, parent events, and student events, so it’s pretty intense,” said Bell.
But there are still exciting parts of the process. “Watching students get to take leadership and really take ownership of this and take pride in their school,” is the best part according to Bell. The whole school comes together to make recruitment happen. “There is a combination of volunteer juniors, seniors, and sophomores,” said Seyk in regards to who is helping out.
Recruitment is important because it provides information to students who are thinking about joining Da Vinci. It gives kids from Harper and Holmes a chance to learn about what Da Vinci is, since they would have no other way of learning about it. It also helps kids from Da Vinci Junior High or Emerson decide if the high school is the place for them, since they are already aware of what Da Vinci is.
“I think we influence a lot of students. I think none of the kids from Harper, or Holmes would even know about us without us going there and saying ‘Oh here’s the process’. So anybody who comes from either Harper or Holmes, is pretty much because we’ve gone there. And then at our junior high I think it’s helpful because we get kids who were at Emerson who might have not like the junior high but wanted to try the high school to find out it’s different than the junior high. And it also helps people decide they don’t wanna go because they might realize it’s not the place for them,” said Bell about the usefulness of recruitment.
Recruitment is a very important part of helping the Da Vinci campus grow with new members.

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