Music Review: The Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters are an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1994. The band’s current members include Dave Grohl on guitar and lead vocals, Taylor Hawkins on drums and backing vocals, Chris Shiflett on lead guitar, Pat Smear on guitar, Nate Mendel on bass, and Rami Jaffe on keys. Grohl formed the band after the death of former Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain in 1994.

Recently the band released their ninth studio album titled Concrete and Gold. “It’s a new evolved sound for the Foo’s, but added some more heavy elements in songs like Run, or symphonic elements like in the song Concrete and Gold” said senior Freddie Longshore-Neate. So far the response to the album has been mixed. Fans reactions have been very affirming and positive. Although reviews from publication have been mixed as well. “Grohl and co are on point, the tracklist has girth and depth. What Concrete and Gold lacks, perhaps, is actual concrete: fresh, modern, risky architecture, rather than Beatles tributes” said Kitty Empire The Guardian’s pop culture writer.

One thing nobody wavers on is when you go see the Foo Fighters you get what you pay for. After taking nearly two years to make Concrete and Gold the Foos are back and on a massive tour to promote the new album. The tour consists of over 50 dates spanning across five countries. Recently the Foo’s came to Sacramento and played for three and a half hours. A show covering anything from their greatest hits to songs only die hard fans know, songs from the first album like Alone & Easy Target to new songs from the most recent album like 2017 Grammy nominated song Run. Even cover of classic songs including Queens Under Pressure to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Baby Please Don’t Go.

The Foo Fighters continue their epic tour with a show at The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on New Years Eve. Soon after they have a short break and with be rocking in Australia in 2018.

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