Meet the Journalism Team

Da Vinci has a journalism class taught first period! Each student plays a key role in keeping the class going to help deliver the school news and happenings on the Da Vinci campus. Do you want to know a little bit more about the team and what they think about the class?

On the newspaper side, there are two primary editors who lay out the newspaper, and staff writers who create the articles. Senior and newspaper editor for the Vitruvian, Alyse Lodigiani, has been in the class since her sophomore year at Da Vinci, and has been a newspaper editor for the last two years. “I really like the class, I like being able to express my creativity through graphic design and layout. I also like editing articles,” said Lodigiani.

Senior and staff writer Frederick Longshore-Neate added on to why he enjoys journalism as well. “It is a lot of fun. I like that it is pretty open to what you do, but you also learn and write,” said Longshore-Neate.
Along with the newspaper side of the class, students are also able to participate in the creation of the Da Vinci yearbook. Unlike the newspaper side of journalism, there are three main yearbook editors who look over the yearbook pages before they are submitted. Senior and yearbook editor Chase Furman has enjoyed the class this year and joined the journalism class because he wanted to be a yearbook editor.. “I like being able to have a large role and creating the yearbook,” said Furman.

Many students in the class took the class in their past years, and decided to come back like Jenna Meyer, senior and staff writer for the Vitruvian. Meyer said, “I did it sophomore year and I enjoyed it, and I like getting extra credit on writing.”

Some of the students in the journalism class dropped coding because it was too boring, or not right for them, to come in the journalism class. “I decided to take journalism because I hated coding, and I wanted to do something different,” said Longshore-Neate.
They all agree, journalism class is a fun class where we are able to express ourselves, but where we also work and learn. Plus, some fun stuff happens like potlucks and field trips. Many students in the journalism class recommend taking the class. Join journalism for the second semester!

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