HTTC 2018: The Theorists

The Theorists
President: Michelle Monheit
Vice President: David Greenfield
Press Secretary: Sarena Solodoff
Campaign Manager: Shane Shubert
Economic Advisor: Magnus Bush

The Theorists are a libertarian party comprised of President Michelle Monheit, Vice President David Greenfield, Press Secretary Sarena Solodoff, Campaign Manager Shane Schubert, and Economic Advisor Magnus Bush.

“We are the Theorists and we vouch for conspiracy theories that have been pushed to the side or ignored,” says Sarena Solodoff. “We know the truth and we believe it’s time that the public is informed on what is really going on in America,” she continued.

This party is a putting special attention on the environment and the unknown, such as aliens and lizard men. “Our power issues are saving the environment from the lizard people, funding the search for life outside of earth, and an end to government surveillance,” explains Solodoff.

“By ridding our country of big government, which is the root of almost all issues. We will reveal the truth and make America the country it truly is supposed to be,” said Solodoff. The Theorists will play a large role in this years election by focusing on problems which are currently unaddressed by other parties.

Currently, The Theorists are endorsed by the Macero PAC and can be seen on professional days covered in tinfoil.

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