HTTC 2018: The Royal Court

President Ellory Erecius (Crown Prince)
Vice President Lev Turner (Chancellor)
Economic Advisor Daniela Setka (Court Jester)
Press Secretary Irene Abshire (Herald)
Campaign Manager Phoenix Rooks (Captain of the Royal Guard)

Party Summary

The Royal Court is a political party based upon the aesthetic of historical monarchies that existed during the middle ages. The Royal Court plans to provide today’s Americans with the first successful monarchy, free of the errors that led others to crumble. The Royal Court has selected certain attributes of the middle ages that solve certain problems in the United States today, such as the sword and the guillotine. In the eyes of the Royal Court, the past can fix the future.

Three core values/issues

Gun Control
The Royal Court believes in the notion of the second amendment, however they “see no need for civilians to possess large-capacity, high fire-rate weapons, given that they are commonly used in mass shooting scenarios,” said The Royal Court. The Royal Court aims to promote the use of hand to hand combat weapons, such as spears, swords, javelins, etc. The Royal Court also wishes to expand open carry laws for such hand to hand combat weapons.

Foreign Policy

The Royal Court believes that the United States should claim any and all territories that it has saved from destruction or civil war. According to the Royal Court with the new territory, the United States will be able to expand its economy. The Royal Court will take no military action in any state that it isn’t already associated with.

Crime/Criminal Justice

The Royal Court believes that the use of capital punishment should be improved and used throughout the United States. The Royal Court wishes to replace lethal injection with the guillotine. “It (The guillotine) is a cheaper, more effective, and painless way of execution compared to the techniques we use now such as lethal injection,” said Herald Irene Abshire.


Proposition 1347 from the Royal Court will mandate the creation of a governmental agency for the purpose of administering free mandatory vaccines. This proposition will primarily be effective during the flu season. “ The flu is constantly evolving and becoming more and more dangerous, there is room for research for creating vaccines for multiple strains to protect our loyal citizens,” said Herald Irene Abshire.

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