HTTC 2018: The Militia

President Isabella Giannetti
Vice President Merlin Yu
Economic Advisor Kaelen Arreola-Bittner
Press Secretary Sarah Ferrell
Campaign Manager Alice Newman

Party Summary

The Militia is a political party full of strong women focused on self-defense and ending injustices throughout the United States. “Self-defense is at the forefront of our party and to convey the message that we’re done tolerating our enemies disregard for their people. We hope to bring our citizens the change that they deserve, free healthcare, public education, and the platform to have a voice and the strength to stand up to toxic masculinity,” said President Isabella Giannetti.


The Militia seeks to keep the currently implemented public school system, however, they plan to redevelop the curriculum to meet the individual needs of students.“Every student in America will have access to quality education that focuses on individual needs, with more than adequate funding to create a safe environment for all students,” said Vice President Merlin Yu. The Militia will also integrate self-defense training into the public school system to reduce the amount sexual assault cases.


The Militia wishes to provide American citizens with free governmental regulated healthcare. They plan to fund this project by increasing income taxes on the one percent as well as large corporations. The Militia also wishes to ban all privatized healthcare, because of the high costs it forces many Americans to pay.


The Militia plans to cut all taxes associated with solar energy while increasing taxes on all non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil.


Proposition 295K from the Militia will implement a plan to federally fund parents during postpartum care.

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