HTTC 2018: The Ephemeral Party

Ephemeral Party
President: Freddie Longshore Neate
Vice President: Andrew Eweis Labolle
Economic Advisor: Ayden Powers
Press Secretary: Sarah Mark
Campaign Manager: Amelie Laloire

The Ephemeral Party is a liberal party including President Freddie Longshore-Neate, Vice President Andrew Eweis-Labolle, Economic Advisor Ayden Powers, Press Secretary Sarah Mark and Campaign Manager Amelie Laloire.

“The Ephemeral party basically means ever changing. Our theme is based around the concept that change is the only constant in life. We use this concept to promote the idea that for the short time that we are potentially in power we should change as much for the better as possible.” Says Eweis-Labolle, explaining the party’s name. “Our power issues focus on the environment, Womens and LGBTQIA+ rights and finally gun control,” continued Eweis-Labolle.

“We’re kind of like cynical neo-hippies. Very environmentally conscious, very progressive, pacifist, but realistic,” stated Longshore-Neate.
The group wants to take a very pacifict theme throughout the election. “We’re gonna have flowers and stuff to illustrate our view, these were common symbols for the hippie movement in the sixties and seventies. We hope to be passionate and inspirational in our ideas and speeches,” said Longshore-Neate.

Focusing on very liberal and important human rights issues, this group hopes to take an inspiring role throughout the campaign and appeal to voters with love and passion.

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