HTTC 2018: The After Party

President Hugh Darwent
Vice President Matt Smith
Economic Advisor Connor Melendrez
Press Secretary Aaron Curtin
Campaign Manager Alex Roy

Party Summary

The After Party is an environmentally focused political party with the aim to reduce carbon emissions and reduce trash build up. “ No one likes a messy party, so it’s time that the American streets are cleaned and polished,” said Campaign Manager Alex Roy.

Three core values/issues


The After Party, as individualists, believes that America should focus on its own environment. The After Party will limit military spending to allocate more money to the EPA to better support environmental legislation such as the cap and trade of fossil and natural gas emissions, harsher penalties for littering, and the development of a cleaner waste management system. “ The military wastes resources and is bad for the environment, however with our party’s relocation of funds soon American can be a cleaner place,” said Economic Advisor Connor Melendrez.

Gun Control

The After Party is in support of having any gun available for sale in the United States. “All Americans have the right to own any gun they choose,” said President Hugh Darwent. The After Party also supports stronger background checks.

Civil Liberties

The After Party will not support the current injustices that are taking place in the United States today. “ In our American party everyone is invited,” said Campaign Manager Alex Roy. In particular, the After Party is concerned with women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights


Proposition 1384 from the After Party will reduce the charges for a DUI by replacing the sentencing time with environment cleanup oriented community services. This proposition will remove the jail time associated with a DUI charge, and commission the offender to 50 hours minimum of community service. Proposition 1384 will help clean the American streets as well as save offenders of a DUI thousands of dollars.

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