HTTC 2018: Pushing Daisies

President: Camilo Rodriguez
Vice President: Ella Gerner
Economic Advisor: Zach Aldas
Press Secretary: Carson Janke
Campaign Manager: Jocelyn Busch

Party’s three core values/issues:
climate change, health care and infrastructure

Party proposition:
“Our party’s proposition is to make a brand new amendment to the constitution that basically makes it a human right to have a clean and safe environment for everybody with every means necessary,” said President Camilo Rodriguez.

“We, the pushing daisies, believe in clean and good environment for everyone so that everyone can live happy and peaceful together. We do not believe in war and we love mother nature. Peace baby stay groovy, we love the environment, we love women respect them” said Rodriguez.

PAC’s funding the party: The Safety Pac and The New Bull Moose Pac.

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