HTTC 2018: How Teams are Picked

Hail to the Chief is an anomaly when it comes to choosing your group. Normally by Da Vinci standards if you are lucky, you get to write down a few names of people you would want on a piece of paper and you are extremely blessed if you get one or two person on that list. In HTTC on the other hand, seniors get nearly complete control over who is in your group. The only stipulation is you need to have some overlap in Gov/Econ, and/or English.
“I sort of had a set team, I knew who I wanted to be with,” said senior Abby Reina-Guerra. Often times seniors have a general idea of who is going to be in their group and what stances they are leaning towards. Some, however, do not. “We all kind of contributed to the idea. Abby proposed the original camp counselor idea and we all added our own little mix to it,” said senior Sarah Seyk and Vice President of Camp Marcs.
One of the most popular SuperPACs the MaceroPAC came to fruition in a similar way. “Ellie (Dawson), Keevan (McGarvy-Tanenbaum) and I (Nash Labbe-Renaunlt) knew we wanted to be in a SuperPAC […] Then we needed a fourth person, thats when Willow (Jackson) came into the picture as the Treasurer” said senior Nash Labbe-Renault, platform developer of the MaceroPAC.
Another SuperPAC making a splash in the political pool of the Da Vinci electorate is the SafteyPAC, this PAC is comprised on Kyle Gray, Winnie Liao, and Holden Kass. This beginnings of this liberal PAC are shrouded in mystery and drama. “Ah honestly I was going to work with Aly (Lodigiani), and she was going to work with Winnie. When I asked Winnie originally she said no. Then Aly left to go be in DC Daughters so Winnie asked me to with her and Holden quickly joined” said senior Kyle Gray Campaign Specialist and Platform Developer.
With the power to choose your group comes responsibility. Often seniors choose their groups based on friendship, not on who they work well with. In years past, we have seen groups of friends perform well, as well as teams of people who might not seem to fit well together win. The looseness of the team selection process is unique to Hail to the Chief and breeds a sense of comradery not seen in other projects at DV.

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