HTTC 2018: D.C. Daughters

President: Audrey Borba
Vice President: Mia Skaggs
Economic Advisor: Aly Lodigiani
Press Secretary: Sophie Marie
Campaign Manager: Siena Dwyer

Party’s three core values/issues:
Promoting greener energy to save the environment, privatized education and abstinence as the only form of birth control.

Party proposition:
“Proposition 616 will ban all teachings of anything outside of abstinence outside of school for sexual education,” said Economic Advisor Aly Lodigiani.

“So we are very conservative and based heavily in the Christian faith. A lot of what we do is privatizing everything to make the government spend less and make the people pay for what they use rather than having everybody pay for everything even if they don’t use it. We are in it for the money, we are rich kids,” said Aly Lodigiani.

PAC’s funding the party: NRA, American Bankers Association, the Christian Coalition, Federal Chamber of Commerce and Law Keyed Martin. The D.C. Daughters are endorsed by the As Seen On TV Pac and the Macero Pac.

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