Dinos in the Courtroom

The Mock Trial Club added to their perfect record,
winning the verdict on another case at the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse on January 31st 2018 against Laguna Creek High School.

The Mock Trial Club, led by senior Chase Furman, offers Da Vinci students the opportunity to better understand the United States legal system as well as participate in Sacramento County trial competitions.

Students who participate in this club learn many skills including oral communication, critical thinking and courtroom etiquette. In the Da Vinci Mock Trial club’s most recent competition, they emerged victorious, beating the Laguna Creek High School team
and taking the verdict in a homicide case. These competitions are held at the Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse where two teams, both composed of 12 people, fight to win based on verdict and on speaking points.

Preparing for a competition requires lots time and thinking. “Before a competition we are given a case packet and asked to build a case for both the defense and prosecution, that includes two opening statements, two sets of four witnesses and two closing arguments,” said junior Sarah Oide.

All of that planning for competitions happens during club meetings which are held Mondays in Ms. Conners’ room from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. “On an average day of club we usually run and edit our cross examinations to better them and prevent possible objections,” said junior Hadley Citron.

Club members Hadley Citron and Sarah Oide both play important roles in the success of the Da Vinci Mock Trial club, however, “Every role is important because everyone is responsible for a different aspect of the trial and competition,” said Oide. Junior Hadley Citron participates as a witness, giving testimony and answering questions during cross examination, while junior Sarah Oide participates as a clerk, keeping order during the trial, as well as swearing in witness before they give their testimony.

The Mock Trial Club hopes to remain active at Da Vinci for years to come, so student participation is key. Contact any student mentioned in this article for more information about joining the Mock Trial Club next year.

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