Da Vinci Art Auction

The Senior Trip is fast approaching, and the Da Vinci fundraising team, seniors Ella Gerner and David Greenfield, are working hard to ensure the goal of $35,000 is met. “We need roughly $16,000,” said Gerner about the progress made.

Gerner is constantly coming up with new ideas for how to creatively raise money, and her most recent idea is a silent student art auction that will be held the same night as Dragon’s Den, Thursday the 14th. “The list [of students selling art] is incomplete, but many of the AP art students have committed to donating a piece,” said Gerner. Her hope is that all the attendees of Dragon’s Den will see the art auction going on in either the office or Mr. Bell’s room and see something they like. Families of seniors and other Da Vinci students and staff are encouraged to buy art and support the fundraising efforts while at the same time picking up a new favorite piece of art.

All of the money raised at the auction will be going exclusively to the Senior Trip, however Gerner says she cannot give a prediction for how much money will be brought in from the event.

“I honestly don’t even think I can make a proper estimate before I know what all the pieces will be. Especially because artists will be naming their recommended starting price,” she said.

The senior class still has about half way to go before their goal is met, but are on track to meet their goal. “We’re a little behind the past years, but not by much,” said Greenfield.

With about six more months to go before the trip, there is plenty of time left for fundraising. Da Vinci can count on Gerner to come up with even more creative ideas that will get people in the spirit to donate to the Senior Trip, like her coin collection idea which was both fun and easy for students.

If you have any further questions about fundraising,have any ideas or want updates, contact David Greenfield, the ASB treasurer at david.greenfield@djusdk12ca.org, Ella Gerner, the head of fundraising for the senior trip at ella.gerner@djusdk12ca.org, or the Leadership teacher, Mrs. Connors at gretchen.connors@djusdk12ca.org.

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