Calling All Underclassmen: Get Involved with HTTC!

For many, Hail to the Chief seems to be a project that’s dominated and ran almost entirely by the seniors. Sophomores and juniors have to vote for their favorite party at the end of the project, but aside from that not many underclassmen really know what they can do to help seniors succeed in the Da Vinci presidential race. However, there are ways some underclassmen are contributing.
Da Vinci’s Intro to Coding class, led by Zach Harju, Terry Toy and Briana DeRobbio, is currently doing a project that could directly impact the various parties participating in Hail to the Chief. As described by Harju, “Students are making blogs or their own websites where they’re acting as journalists following the Hail to the Chief process.” The blogs will contain a variety of different kinds of content about each party. What will make the websites more interesting, according to Harju, is that “blog-posters will have a political slant of their own, so they are not required to stay neutral”. These news sites are being made with, and are aiming to get “underclassmen and non-seniors more involved,” according to Harju, and to impact the relationship between seniors and non-seniors.
Students in Da Vinci’s art classes are also participating in Hail to the Chief in their own way. During the town hall meetings, where the parties meet up and discuss their policies and goals, the art studios draw their interpretations of the different parties and super PACs. These drawings are supposed to symbolize the parties and eventually will be given to each of the parties upon completion of the party.
Some underclassmen have ideas of their own. Luke Demeter-Willison, a junior, suggests, “students could probably help by spreading propaganda in support of parties.” For sophomores and juniors confused about the whole thing, Luke also says, “students could help inform others of policies so they can make better judgements about their votes”. Later senior events such as the town hall meetings will also inform students about each of the parties’ policies more, allowing people to make more conscious decisions with their votes.
Whether they’re in the Intro to Coding class or not, underclassmen will have a variety of ways to support their fellow seniors during their biggest project. If you’re curious to find out more about how to support Hail to the Chief parties, consult senior humanities teachers Gretchen Connors, Brittany Rosenberg or Emma Gist.

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