Blue Devils Shoot Baskets

When the referee starts the basketball match next Friday, the 9th, at 5.30 pm in the DHS Gym, the Blue Devils Basketball JV team will be starting their last home match for this season. This year, four DaVinci students will do their best to score as many points as possible to help their team to win.

Sophomores Shiya Solodoff and Nathaniel Thompson both joined the team in their freshman year. “The best part of basketball is the bond that you make with your teammates and trying to make them look better and not just yourself,” said Thompson. “The worst part is probably losing when you know you should have won. This year we have lost in overtime twice and both times our team under-performed heavily.” he continued.

Of course, playing basketball is also about winning. “The aim for the season was too win the league, but it’s not looking like we can do that right now,” said Solodoff. Thompson agreed with Solodoff’s statement. “Our team’s goal is always to win the league, but right now that isn’t very realistic. Currently our team is not doing too well but we can usually hang with any team in our league,” he said.

With every team there is a rival. And like for most of the Blue Devils sport teams, the DHS rival is Jesuit. “We played them on Monday, [January] 29th and lost by 2 points,” said Thompson.The final score was 59 to 61. On Friday, February 2nd they played against Franklin in Franklin and won with a final score of 55 to 41.

“Our next and last home games are against Pleasant Grove and Grant on February and 9,” said Thompson. The aim for those games is of course winning, but also enjoying as they are the last home games for this season.

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