Blue Devils Back on the Slopes

Winter is the season of hot chocolate and cookies, but also of skiing and that’s why three Da Vinci students are hitting the slopes in Tahoe with the DHS Ski team.

Da Vinci sophomore and skier Charles Longshore-Neate has been skiing since he was two years old, and explained why he loves the sport.“Skiing is all about getting out on the hill having a good day on the course and even if you don’t win your race, you have a good time,” said C. Longshore-Neate.

But before they go into the real snow, they have to strengthen their body. “Three days a week we go to DHS at like six in the morning and run in the gym,” said Da Vinci senior and skier Frederick Longshore-Neate. “That’s our dry-land practice and nobody enjoys it, but it helps you to get in shape for the year.”

What else do you need to be a good skier? “To be a good skier, you need to have a fairly decent level of fitness and the right mindset also no scene of fear,” said C. Longshore-Neate.

With the start of the new year, the practice on the mountains starts as well. “The resorts are all pretty sweet; they have good hot chocolate in the food place and the runs are all very enjoyable to ski,” said C. Longshore-Neate.

However, the ski team does not practice with the snowboard team. “Skiers have kind of a conflict with snowboarders,” said F. Longshore-Neate. “We don’t like people who snowboard, we like to make fun of them, but it’s all good natured.”

Besides practice, racing is a big part too. “We race every Monday for six weeks at the beginning of next year and then we have championships, the state meet in March for a week in some big resort,” said F. Longshore-Neate.

The first race the ski team will participate in is on January 8.“What I like most about skiing is the speed you get when you come out of the bottom of a race course,” added C. Longshore-Neate.

Da VInci sophomore and skier Kyle Vaughn believes that trying skiing is definitely worth it. “Each turn is as good as the next, and going faster only makes it better” he said.

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