Wiz Kid: Peter Pitfield

This year, along with DaVinci’s new staff and students, Peter Pitfield, a ten year old who has a knack for understanding mathematics has been accepted into the DV community. He currently attends math teacher Zach Harju’s second period AP Calculus class.

According to Pitfield’s dad, he started loving math at a young age and his first words were math related. “He was multiplying before he was 3 and doing algebra by age 5,” said Mr. Pitfield.

Because of Peter’s excellence in math at his elementary school, he tried auditing classes at University California Davis. Through this, Peter demonstrated a skill set could be seen on a high school level. “When thinking about how to best support him, his parents reached out to me and we decided together that a class that met daily (instead of an online version of learning) would be more engaging,” said Troy Allen, the director of secondary education and leadership in the Davis Joint Unified School District.

What other school than DaVinci would be the best candidate for a ten year old striving to excel further into mathematics? “I suggested Da Vinci because I thought he would like, and feel engaged, by a Project Based Learning approach and smaller school environment. Mr. Millsap seemed excited to host a student and confident older students would be supportive,” said Allen.

On his first day, the only thing he was worried about was getting to the class, which is still the case today.

His favorite part about being here is coming to class and working on questions he finds to be fun. He enjoys solving problems and helping his teammates understand the material.

If he didn’t have to go to school anymore, Peter said he would read adventure books and watch high level science videos.

During his free time, Peter plays imaginary games in other universes including the Pokemon universe. He also has two pet rats named Crystal and Pearl.

Although he doesn’t have a favorite scientist or mathematician yet, Peter says he’d like to be one when he grows up and work with quantum physics.

We’re rooting for you, Peter!

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