Welcome to Adulthood, Seniors!

Most seniors tend to turn 18 in or around their senior year, and with this special number comes more responsibility and freedom.
When a teenager hits the ‘big one eight’ they have the power to vote, get tattoos, piercings, smoke tobacco (in some states), marry, enlist in the armed forces, and more. The big factor that changes when someone comes of this age is that they legally become an adult and are free to lawfully do what they wish.
Some teens see this change as a burden, but others as an opportunity, but everyone loves their birthday. “It has not changed that much, like in Europe it will change because we have maturity, in USA it’s 21 so it doesn’t change,” said senior Belgian exchange student Amelie Laloire. In Belgium, laws are different and tend to let students of 18 and up have amenities that Americans do not receive until 21. “We can drive, drink alcohol, vote for the new election and stuff like that, yeah we have the maturity to do what we want,” said Laloire.
Some parents treat their children differently when they are adults, and some do not. “They let me make my own decisions now. [I get] More freedom and responsibility,” said senior Jack Hoal, who turned eighteen last March. “I’ve been eighteen for less than twelve hours, so I don’t really know yet how they will treat me. They were really nice to me this morning,” said senior Sarena Solodoff.
What are some Da Vinci seniors most excited for? “To be able to get tattoos and to be able to vote,” said Solodoff. “The parties, the fact that I know that I will be 18,” said Laloire. “Being able to get a tattoo,” said Hoal.
Additional perks about this age include the ability to work a full time job, have an unrestricted driver’s license, have a credit card, buy or sell property, (usually) lower car insurance, the ability to sue, consent to all medical treatments, and write a legal will.
Technically speaking, you can go out, get married, eat your entire wedding cake and then sue your partner- and no one can stop you. However, participating in those freedoms in that order and fashion is not advised.

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