We Put the Fun in Fundraising

In May of 2018, this year’s seniors will embark on an epic trip to Disneyland in Anaheim to wrap up their Da Vinci careers. Throughout the year the senior class needs to raise a total of 35,000 dollars to finance the trip. The process of raising the money entails a series of school fundraisers and donations.

“Our first big thing will be the Chili Cook Off,” said Vice Principal and World Civilizations teacher Mr. Scott Bell. The Chili Cook Off is an annual event hosted by the Da Vinci Leadership class to help raise funds for the senior trip.

The Chili Cook Off requires students to form teams of up to five people to make the best chili they possibly can, and bring it to the competition. Students and community members come and pay a small fee to be able to taste each team’s food and vote for who they thought had the best chili. The first place team gets 20-30 dollars, while second and third place teams get plants.

“The ultimate big thing is corporate matching,” said Mr. Bell. Corporate matching is when corporations match the amount of money raised in order to help seniors meet the goal. For example in the beginning of last year, “The parents raised 6,000 or 7,000 dollars, Google matched 5,000 of that,” said Mr. Bell.

So how exactly does Da Vinci get corporate matching? Start asking your parents, friends parents, and significant adults in your life if their companies or employers do any charitable matching.

Above all else small donations like pocket change can help more than you’d expect. Last year, seniors raised nearly 2,000 dollars in pocket change alone. “Every little bit helps, so donating change or just volunteering your time for fundraising events can help significantly,” said senior Ella Gerner. The general message from those spearheading the charge to raise funds for the trip was that students should contribute what they can money wise, but above all else give their time.

Da Vinci is always looking for new ways to be innovative and find new ways to do things. Currently, seniors Ella Gerner and David Greenfield are working with Principal Tyler Millsap to find new ways to raise money. If you have any ideas contact Ella at her school email (Ella.Gerner@djusdk12ca.org).

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