The Winning Formula

Da Vinci High School’s annual Chili Cook Off is the senior’s main fundraiser for the senior trip to Disneyland. The Chili Cook Off is on Saturday, November fourth on the Da Vinci high school campus from 1:00 to 3:00. Anyone from the community can come to eat the amazing chili from the fundraiser.

The Chili Cook Off has always brought in the most money for the Da Vinci senior trip. “It’s the winning formula, as Bell would say,” stated Co leader of the Da Vinci fundraiser, Ella Gerner. “How much did Bell say they brought in that one year?” other co leader David Greenfield asked. “$10,000 for one pot of Chili,” Gerner responded. Gerner later explained that that $10,000 for one pot of chili was possible due to Corporate matching.

Corporate matching is when an employee of a company contributes to a charity or organization, like the Da Vinci senior trip fund, and the company will match that donation dollar for dollar. “Talk to your parents about corporate matching, that’s really where the money comes from,” Gerner concluded.

Gerner and Greenfield have been working on other ways to raise money for the senior trip. “We can talk to restaurants about having nights where a percentage of the purchases made go to our senior trip fund and a lot of restaurants are willing to do that,” Gerner said.
Other fundraisers are the Bake Off in spring and the “obnoxious waving around jars of coins” Gerner said. With the hope to get students to give up their spare change for the Disneyland trip.
“I think a good goal would be 20 groups, but if that is too low I would love for my expectation to be demolished,” Greenfield said.

Teams will be made of a maximum of six people. Teams are encouraged to have a unique team name and booth decoration. The cook off will have a variety of chilis: meaty, white, meatless, vegan, etc. Each team will have a list of ingredients to avoid any accidents relating to food allergies.

Last year’s winners were Mr. Bell and Mr. Grima with their team “Llama’s Can’t Add.” The name of the team is going to change because of the incorporation of a new team member, who remains unknown.
The Chili Cook Off is an amazing way to contribute to the senior class trip and everyone is welcome. Tell your parents, friends and neighbors about the delicious chili being served on November 4th, 1pm to 3pm at Da Vinci High School.

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