The Da Vinci Choice

Mr. Scott Bell and Mr. John Grima Jr. address the new Da Vinci students’ 7th period in the revamped Research and Communication (R and C) class. There are about 40 students, most of whom have not presented their first Da Vinci project. These sophomores, juniors and seniors bring a new perspective to Da Vinci unlike any other.

Mr. Bell and Mr. Grima have been leaders in the Da Vinci community for many years. Having them split the R and C class gives them the opportunity to focus on creating better relationships with new students. “The actions they do in a team for project or assignment will often directly impact their teammates as well, I think that if students realize that early on the more they are able to succeed,” says Mr. Grima. In the upcoming semester, new students will do just that along with learning how to use Echo, doing mini presentations and learning how to carry themselves in a team.

In the beginning of the year the faculty talked a lot about choice, these new students are the perfect example of that choice. New Da Vinci junior Ali Deltoro went to Davis High, but after hearing about what Da Vinci was like from members of the community she decided it was the place for her. “I heard that everyone who comes out of Da Vinci is really good at public speaking and speaking professionally to others,” Deltoro says.

Most of the time new students who went to other junior highs know only a few people or nobody at all. Sophomore Elan Kalman was in this position after coming here from Holmes Jr. High. “The people here are friendly, I have already made new friends, that’s something I was worried about,” said Kalman.

Each of these students have learned something whether it is about the Constitution, philosophers or Mr.Bell’s hula moves. Even in the first weeks of school, new students will have learned new things about themselves and Da Vinci . “You can be who you want to be there is no pregiudizi [prejudice]” said new senior Amelie Laloire who is an exchange student from Belgium. There is no better way of saying what it means to be a Da Vinci student.

Being a new student can be scary, but Da Vinci is always changing and adjusting. With new projects, activities and murals being added every semester. R and C gives them the opportunity to fully appreciate the choice they made. These new students will get to make the school their own.

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