Score One for the Seniors

On August 25, the leadership class at Da Vinci excitedly held the first class competition across grade levels

On the first Friday of the year, during a warm 6th period out on the field, all Da Vinci Students gathered in their Dino Pack groups to complete the first-ever Da Vinci Scavenger Hunt.

Seniors Jocelyn Busch and Isabella Giannetti were the lead students. Students in each grade level competed against other students in each grade level. Overall, a single grade level was awarded victory.
“The purpose of the competition was to boost overall school spirit amongst the grade levels,” said Busch.“[Classes] would work to represent their own grade.”

Part of the Da Vinci pledge is community mindset. Community mindset is where we learn to include others in every interaction and decisions. The class competition had everyone encouraging each other, and everyone was proud to be part of the fun. “The best way to boost school spirit was to involve all the students,” said Busch.
Some students complained about the heat because it was too hot to run. Despite the heat, most had blast.

The senior class came in first place, with senior Aaron Curtain winning the scavenger hunt for his grade level.

“I wanted the seniors to win, and I knew that they would win,” said Giannetti.

“You win points and then at the end of the year whoever has the most points win,” Giannetti continued. “For now it’s bragging rights, but we can get an actual trophy or maybe a sign, we aren’t sure yet.”

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