Same Campus, Different Jobs

Long-time teacher Ms. Nicole Roper has taken on a new role in the Da Vinci community. From Room 21 to 12B, Ms. Roper is enjoying the change and taking on new challenges.
Ms. Roper has been working at Da Vinci for nine years as the Study Skills and Leadership teacher. Just this year she transferred her expertise to the new counselor position for last names A-K, as well as taking on an even bigger part in this year’s new and improved Dino Pack.
On August third, Ms. Roper found out she got the job. She had already been preparing for her possible new job by helping out with DV’s master schedule and assisting students with their schedules. “All along I was kind of having my foot in the counseling role, […] I just tried to be exposed to as many things as I could during that transition time until I knew officially what job I was doing this year,” said Ms. Roper.
But the transition has not been all that easy. Ms. Roper explained how she has had to learn how to use different parts of the Da Vinci database and has been struggling with the new district schedule. “ I don’t know when every class period is any more and my [schedule] is based on 15 minute time slots now, so it’s kind of just a different way of scheduling my day,” she said.
Even though she is having to learn a lot more new ideas, she is loving it. She describes it as the best of both worlds. “I love Da Vinci I love working here […] I get to learn some new stuff,” she said.
The way Ms. Roper interacts with the student body is different also. Dino Pack co-organizer and senior Isabella (Izzy) Giannetti explains that she is more comfortable with Ms. Roper as a counselor since she knew her before.
Ms. Roper describes how it has been hard to leave the classroom setting, but how she gets to interact with more students by having one on one conversations, which is one of the reasons she applied for the counseling job.
Ms. Roper ties back to her old role at Da Vinci through Dino Pack. She has always been a part of Da Vinci leadership, and now she gets to continue that role- It has just gotten larger, for example, now it includes going to workshops.
“She is very involved it in this year, and has helped us a lot just advising. I think she is just more invested in it,” said Giannetti.
This year has a lot in store for Ms. Roper, and Da Vinci is excited to welcome her into her new role.

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