Quarter 2 Timeline: What is Coming Up?

It is already time for the second quarter, which means that it’s time for the next projects for sophomores, juniors and seniors. What will happen next?

There are a lot of projects coming up. For sophomores, Revolutionaries on Trial is next. For juniors, it will be the America at War presentation, which follows the Whose Country Is It? Presentation. The seniors are starting Dragon’s Den, their night presentation project. Additionally, many events will be occurring in leadership.

The first quarter has wrapped up successfully., “It went really well this beginning of the year, sophomores did an excellent job with their Island Project,” said Mr. Bell.

“I think that I’ve gotten to know my students well and they’ve done a couple of really big assignment including writing an essay,” added Ms. Sangster.

Ms. Gist was also happy that the Yo Caesar project has gone well. “It was good that we did Yo Caesar for the second year, it was really great,” said Ms. Gist. “The Judicial project was pretty new but I think that it was also very successful.”

Teachers also like that students can put their creativity and their ideas in the projects. “I like that the projects give students a lot of room for voice and choice,” said Mrs. Sangster, “and I also appreciate that we are studying history from different perspectives.”.

“I love that we do wide range of tasks for students to allow different skills to be learned or demonstrated. That they are fun, that we try to do something different like that they can sample the different ways of doing projects and it shows how to work as a team,” adds Mr. Bell.

“I like that the student led [aspect], that the ideas that what we do comes from students,” said Ms. Connors.The leadership class held one of their big events this month, the Trivia night which everyone liked and enjoyed. “It was a great success so we are going to do another one in the spring,” said Ms. Connors, she is also happy because she sees that students like the projects, “Yeah, they like it because we do student’s ideas,” said Ms. Connors.

Ms. Sangster is looking forward to the America at War project, she thinks that it is the most powerful project for junior. Mr. Bell is happy to get to know all the exchange student in his Research & Communications class, and Ms. Connors hopes that Da Vinci students recognized the energy put by the leadership class and that they will continue to support them.

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